Constitution: Public Ltd. Co.
CEO: Mr. Akbar Qayyum 

Our approach: Since the Akbar Corporation Ltd was established, it has been the objective of all the ACL staff to provide the finest furniture in the market both in terms of design and quality.

We sought to combine contemporary design and modern day production techniques with the furniture making skills of our craftsmen. Our constant aim is to understand the markets in which we operate and to provide the services to support our clients. Innovation and expertise are at the heart of Akbar Corporation Ltd.

Quality: We build on quality through excellence in design and attention to detail in manufacturing. Our quality extends to every part of every piece. Quality is controlled at every stage, right from the purchases, storage, cutting, manufacturing, finishing and packaging. 
We unite our expertise with our highly skilled traditional craftsmen and the finest hardwoods to produce a collection of handcrafted contemporary classics that will last for generations.

One can discover endless outlets for self-expression in our collection. We combine understated elegance with high standards of finish and comfort.

Material: We have a deep affinity for solid wood. We enjoy working with a material featuring sensuous highlights, such as grain and a variety of colors, which instills our furniture with inherent individuality. Every piece made by us is available in European oak, Rock maple and Indian rosewood.

We have experts to select and buy quality raw material. It is our company's policy to ensure that all wood used in the production of our furniture is sourced from sustainable resources. This guarantees that both, wildlife and indeed the forest and plantations themselves maintain the environmental balance so important to the exporting countries. 

Welfare: We are also committed to looking after the welfare of our workers, all of who are provided with new housing on our site. We have many benefit and incentive schemes available for our craftsmen, whose skills we consider to be our most valuable asset.

Design and Development: We have regular arrangements for research and development of designs and material. Well- known international designers design our furniture and all our designs are copyrighted.

Machinery & Technical Development: The Company is equipped with all the best German machines, for the production. We use our skills in amelioration with the technical German collaboration and hence manufacture the furniture, which, stands out from the crowd with an understated and relaxed sense of style.

Unique Appeal: When we bring together our straightforward approach to design with a material that gives every piece a singular character, our furniture displays a unique and unrivalled appeal.

" Our commitment to quality and enthusiasm for learning and teaching new skills is without compromise. The care with which design innovation and manufacturing expertise are combined in the company's operations and philosophy make it unique and a pleasure to work with "

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